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Tower Club, Singapore

Client: City Developments Limited

Project: Tower Club, Singapore

Launch: 2009


The Tower Club is Singapore’s most exclusive, private business club located on the 62nd to 64th penthouse floors of the imposing Republic Plaza building in Singapore’s business quarter. Headed by a discerning Board of Governors from the highest levels of international commerce, the Tower Club draws an exclusive membership of elite business persons. sophistication and artistic quality, both in terms of its interior design and cuisine.

JPA was commissioned to undertake the interior design of the Atlantic Dining Room, the Club’s foremost event hall, and also the Ba Xian Dining Room, another of the Club’s grand dining halls. JPA’s intent was to create an elegant and luxurious oriental fine dining experience for the club’s discerning members, whilst avoiding the common clichés of the Chinoise vernacular. To create an opulent interior that subtly references China’s artistic and literary traditions, and satisfies the brief of contemporizing the restaurant and appealing to a clientele who are increasingly design-conscious.