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Gulf Air Premium Class Lounge, London Heathrow

Client: Gulf Air

Project: Business Class Lounge

Launch: March 2011


Gulf Air appointed JPA to design a new look Premium Class Lounge at Terminal 4, London Heathrow Airport. The appointment to complete the lounge followed previous work for Gulf Air by JPA including a brand re-fresh for the carrier’s corporate identity as well as the design of new aircraft interiors.

The new lounge covers a floor area of 600 square metres and provides panoramic views over the runway and apron at Heathrow. Able to cater for up to 110 passengers at a time, the new Gulf Air lounge offers passengers every facility including:-

  • Reception
  • Lounge seating
  • Reclining seating
  • Dining area
  • Central feature bar
  • Self-service buffet
  • Business centre
  • TV area
  • Luxury wash rooms
  • Private shower rooms
  • Prayer room
  • Family rooms


Alex Duncan, JPA’s Design Director, explains:

“With the Gulf Air lounge we had the opportunity to develop some unique architectural features to distinguish the Gulf Air lounge from any other airlines’. For example we created a memorable entrance with elegant, contemporary archways which draw the passenger into the lounge.”

As passengers emerge from the atmospheric reception, the space opens up dramatically so that all areas of the lounge are visible, making it easy to navigate and ensuring a calm escape from the bustle of the airport terminal.

The interior is unmistakably contemporary and international but there is a subliminal Arabic ambience to reflect Gulf Air’s heritage. This is created partly by the contrast between the intimate, welcoming nature of the entrance and the spacious airiness of the main Lounge referring to the special arrangements of traditional dwellings, partly by the use of exotic surface finishes relating to Bahrain’s pearl fishing past and partly by the strong regular geometric forms of the main architectural elements.