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Air China Lounges, China

The spectacular growth of new airports across China has seen Air China take the opportunity to commission JPA to create a series of state-of-the-art lounges which meet the needs of both domestic and international air travellers.


JPA has, to date, been tasked with designing nine lounges in five airports, as well as compiling a design manual which offers guidance on the creation of more than 40 other airport lounges across China. The project unites JPA’s expertise in interior architecture, as well as in aviation and hospitality design, building on previous experience of designing lounges for Singapore Airlines, Oman Air and Gulf Air.


The latest lounge to open is the ‘Air China Lounge’ at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, which caters for First Class, Business Class and other premium customers. It is the first of Air China’s lounges to feature an ‘open top’ design, in which the roof of the airport terminal also forms the ceiling of the lounge. This, combined with a series of competing priorities, has made it one of the most complex projects JPA has so far engaged with.


In parallel with the airport lounge designs, JPA is designing aircraft interiors for Air China, ensuring a consistent expression of the airline’s brand identity throughout the passenger experience.