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JPA Design & Changi Airport Group Fast and Seamless Travel


On hardware, all the FAST equipment needed to be designed for maximum comfort for both passengers and staff. Ease-of-use, productivity, safety and aesthetics were all important considerations. JPA Design provided design recommendations and consultation to CAG on the look-and-feel, ergonomics, colours, configurations and human factors for the FAST machines.

In conjunction with Changi, every step of the process has been fully considered. By carefully studying passenger’s reactions to both the physical and digital designs, we focused on optimising interactions, reducing decisions and refining ergonomics for all uses. The goal was to guide passengers through the terminal at a sufficiently fast pace with the most efficient, reliable and intuitive journey possible.’ Said Tim Manson, Design Director Transport, JPA Design.

Sim Kim Chui, Product Innovation Director at JPA Design added: “We bring into this project many years of experience working with premium brands in the air travel and hospitality sectors. Our focus has always been on innovation to create a unique and enjoyable customer experience and this is what we have done here for the passengers using the self-service options.”