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US Airways A330-200 Premium Class Cabin and Fully Flat Suite

Client: US Airways

Project: The Envoy Suite

Launch: December 2009


US Airways is the launch customer for JPA’s Reverse-Herringbone Business Class concept and launched their new Envoy Suite in December 2009 on their A330-200 transatlantic fleet.

The Envoy Suite is fitted in a 1-2-1 configuration and provides direct aisle access for every passenger. Maximum privacy is provided as each Envoy Suite faces forwards and away from the aisle so passengers cannot be interrupted or jostled by in-service trolleys. The Envoy Suite provides a fully lie-flat, 180° recline seat and bed length ranges from a comfortable 6’4” to 6’8” in length depending on the Suite’s location in the cabin. The seat is 20.5 inches wide and a fully adjustable, drop-down armrest provides an additional five inches when sleeping.

Each Envoy Suite provides plenty of space to work or relax. With nearly three-and-a-half feet across, customers can take advantage of generous personal space by using either the raised side table or easy-access tray table. Larger personal belongings such as laptop cases can be stowed beneath the ottoman. Another convenient feature is a technology panel with an adjustable personal reading light, power outlet for laptops, USB port for charging small electronics and a dual satellite telephone/entertainment controller.

Installation on US Airways’ A330-200 fleet is due to be completed by end of 2011 and nine A330-300s are also due to feature the new Envoy Suite by 2012.

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