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Singapore Airlines Business Class Seat A380, A340, B777

Client: Singapore Airlines

Project: Singapore Airlines Business Class Seats and Cabin

Launch: October 2006 on B777s

Re-designed and re-launched: October 2007 for Airbus A380


Singapore Airlines *award-winning Business Class seat was developed by JPA’s design engineers and interior designers over two years. The brief was to create an uncluttered and luxurious personal area whilst pushing the boundaries of space and privacy.  JPA created the design ethos of ‘luxury residential’ to indicate a comfortable private area where travellers enjoy a sense of calm and ownership, whilst being surrounded by the finest materials and craftsmanship.


Key to these themes and incorporated into the seat and cabin lay out are: direct aisle access for every passenger, 34” wide seat, super wide horizontal bed featuring a dedicated sleeping surface, stowage for passenger’s luggage at each seat, a sleek monitor module which conceals a range of passenger amenities including a 16” widescreen LCD TV, and a large multi-adjustable one piece dining/work table.

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