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DoveTail Business Class Seat Platform

Client: Jamco and JPA Design

Project: DoveTail Business Class Seat Platform

Launch: April 2015


Jamco and JPA Design have a rich history of working together and the DoveTail platform was a joint venture that began development in 2012 and was unveiled at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015. Dovetail is a premium business class design with all passengers enjoying direct aisle access in a 1-2-1 configuration, a 78”  usable bed length and a 21.5” seat width at a competitive pitch of as little as 43”.

It has been designed from the ground up; the modular construction uses a minimum number of parts to reduce production time and costs and only a single actuator is required to translate the seat into a fully flat bed. A highly optimised layout and a square toe box means there is plenty of space to stow a cabin bag underneath the ottoman whilst a sliding central screen gives the passenger control over their environment and opens up the opportunity for companion travel. It features a large, single leaf table for dining and working, an 18.5” HD monitor, LED reading lights, in seat power, USB and HDMI ports, touch screen PCU and wireless charging capabilities. DoveTail’s unique form improves access to the end of row furniture and provides the opportunity for innovative features such as an integrated baby bassinet, fitting room or welcome area.

“DoveTail has been an exciting and at the same time a challenging product to design and develop. Throughout this process and to get the design absolutely right, we have built a series of mock-ups, honed the ergonomics with subjects from around the world, refining elements on feedback to ensure that the final product is right.  JPA is constantly looking ahead to understand the possibilities of how we can improve passengers travel experience for tomorrow and the years ahead.  With the launch of DoveTail, together with Jamco we feel that we have created a best in class Business Class seat that not only offers the airline space savings within the cabin but ensures that their customers have a relaxing, comfortable journey within a sleek and beautiful environment.” - Ben Orson, Managing Director at JPA Design