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Venice Simplon Orient Express

Client: Orient Express Hotels, Trains and Cruises

Project: Venice Simplon Orient Express

Launch: Re-Launched in May 1982


‘The train against which all other luxury trains are measured’ - Vanity Fair, April 2009


Labelled the ‘World’s Most Celebrated Train’, the legendary Orient-Express is a piece of art and an Art Deco icon. It offers a journey unlike any other as the train journeys through the most beautiful scenery across Europe.

JPA’s brief was to refurbish the carriages in the style of the 1920s original train and to capture the romance, adventure and style of luxury train travel of that elegant bygone era. JPA worked on the original 1920s carriages and the design incorporated ornate details such as Lalique glass panels, Art Deco marquetry and wood burning stoves.

The train continues to run across Europe and the ornate luxury cabins continue to provide the traveller with one of the finest and most unforgettable travel experiences.