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Cirrus Business Class Seat

Client: Sicma Aero Seat / Zodiac Aerospace

 Project: Cirrus Business Class Suite

Launch: 2007-2008


JPA and Sicma Aero Seat / Zodiac Aerospace have collaborated to develop a unique reverse-herringbone configured Business Class Suite. Because passengers sit at an angle, facing away from the aisle, the Cirrus design enhances privacy for all passengers. The attractive, symmetrical, 1-2-1 design also means that every passenger benefits from direct aisle access.

Single seats face towards the window, providing greater privacy and protection for passengers flying alone. The centre double seats face inwards and provide the ability to socialize for passengers travelling together. These centre seats also ensure individual privacy and protection since the passenger faces away from the aisle and can benefit from screen dividers and a generous amount of space between the seats (approximately 3 feet). Cirrus is offerable at varying pitches and can be positioned at a higher density 43” pitch business class product or a 53” pitch business first type product.

The open armrest design provides greater comfort and maximizes living space. The armrest height can be manually adjusted to suit the passenger’s needs. When the armrest is down, seat width is maximized to 28” – gaining an extra 7.5” of space at the elbow level from the 20.5” when it is raised. In addition, when lowered it provides ease of access to the seat and is more sympathetic to the needs of disabled passengers and is fully compliant with the DOT rule for disabled passengers.

The expansive centre console provides additional stowage space and an enhanced sense of personal space. The design provides plenty of space around passengers’ upper body when seated (unlike traditional herringbone designs and other forward facing seats).

The Cirrus concept allows airlines a great deal of flexibility in terms of pitch size, furniture options and opportunities for differentiation and optimizes passenger comfort.