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Singapore Airlines Next Generation B777-300ER Business Class Cabin & Seat

The bar has been raised again for Business Class air travel, as Singapore Airlines and JPA Design launch their stunning Next Generation Business Class cabin, including a bespoke luxury Business Class seat, aboard the airline’s new Boeing B777-300ER aircraft. The cabin is part of an aircraft interiors investment by Singapore Airlines of almost USD150 million and will initially be installed in eight new aircraft. It will also be fitted to Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A350s over coming years.


The Next Generation Business Class seat builds on the legacy of its predecessors by preserving the long haul Business Class cabin layout initially created by JPA. The new generation product offers an additional two inches in bed length as well as improved comfort in both seating and sleeping positions and more stowage space to cater for the changing needs of business travellers. Singapore Airlines’ new B777-300ER Business Class cabin will be fitted with 42 seats, each of which offers a forward-facing seating position and a large fully lie-flat sleeping position. All seats have direct-aisle access, avoiding any step-over issues and enabling cabin crew to deliver the high standards of service for which Singapore Airlines is renowned.


The seat maintains Singapore Airlines’ trademark width, with the 28-inch wide seat cushions making it one of the widest Business Class seats in the skies. It is also one of the most comfortable offering increased recline angles and two different recline positions: Lazy-Z, where the passenger enjoys a cradled position with their weight and pressure centred and balanced; and Sundeck, where the customer’s legs can be placed up onto the ottoman, and the seat base and leg rest move to form a large, comfortable surface to relax upon.


Storage within the seat space has been carefully thought through, with increased capacity, and tailored, intuitive spaces to suit a broad range of hand baggage and other items, ensuring that everything is at hand throughout the flight.


The seat design is contemporary and dynamic in appearance, with stylish curves and innovative use of colours and textures emphasising the warm, welcoming and calm environment to which Singapore Airlines’ customers have become accustomed, whilst also bringing a fresh and exciting dynamism to the cabin


James Park, Managing Director at JPA Design stated:


“The stars of the show on any Singapore Airlines flight are the cabin crew and the excellent service they provide. The importance of this throughout the design process cannot be overstated - every detail of the seat was carefully considered to ensure it enhances the effortless and elegant service offering”


Through research and analysis of design trends and consumer aspirations, JPA identified compelling directions relevant to the SIA brand. The aim was to create products and environments that maintain a fresh look and feel throughout their lifecycles, with an integrated brand approach that unifies all elements of the travel experience.


JPA developed an expressive colour and trim palette which offers continued elements of discovery. Emotive and tactile finishes are contained within the inner seat to provide passengers with a sensory experience. Tone-on-tone effects soften spaces, and emphasise zones and features, whilst the bespoke woven textiles enhance the seat’s comfort. The combination of alternating shell colours and a distinctive copper trim helps elevate and enhance the feeling of space within the cabin as a whole.


Tai Lu, Vice President, Product Innovation at Singapore Airlines describes the project:


“JPA fully understood our design philosophy, the importance of integrating customer service into the design and the need for a flexible approach to the various changes and fine tuning that were necessary, even at the last minute.


Designing for cabin products is indeed a long journey, which includes the rigorous process of getting each and every material and mechanism certified for safety by the authorities. JPA’s skilled, creative and responsive team have stayed the course and have delivered an excellent product.”