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To contextualise a challenge, uncover the insights that will deliver positive change and then work with our partners to deliver outstanding experiences, we build dynamic teams of experts that span design disciplines and industries.

Interior design

Project definition
Interior design

Project definition

To establish strong foundations for each project that will align the key stakeholders and give confidence to drive forwards, it is essential to identify the client’s objectives at operational, commercial and aesthetic levels.

Typically involving research into cultural, historical, brand, environmental and regulatory issues, our teams work to understand the factors that have shaped the brief, the end-users’ expectations, the competitive environment and the extent to which forward-thinking ideas might be relevant.

  • Formulation of brief
  • Feasibility and operational review
  • Research
Interior design


Working closely with you and the other consultants, our designs are developed in phases. Starting with a wide-ranging approach which explores our options, we look to establish the character of the project and the nature of the experiences we intend to create, before developing, refining and communicating in detail our design intentions.

Our objective is to demonstrate what your interior spaces will look like and how they will operate while enabling costs, timeframes, and standards to be set. We work with you to identify the challenges, whether aesthetic or technical, that must be addressed before the fabrication, construction and fit out work commences.

  • Concept design
  • Space planning
  • Design development
  • FF&E design and specification
  • Detail design and mock-up
  • Construction drawings and documentation
  • Tender support
Interior design


Our involvement in the realisation of a project ensures that the design-intent we have developed is adhered to and the required standards are met. Alongside the construction team, we will schedule regular reviews of the work performed and help to mitigate issues that might arise while supporting you and your operating team in setting up the spaces ready for the first customers.

  • Construction support and quality control
  • Value engineering and localisation
  • Prototype and sample review
  • Snagging / defects inspection
  • FF&E installation support
  • Styling and accessorising
  • Handover

Transportation design

Transportation design


Effective, creative solutions demand an ability to address a challenge from many angles, to set it within a cultural, technological and commercial context and to be able to clearly define goals in these spaces.

We will work with you to bring fresh perspectives to bear on your challenges, bring clarity to the benefits that design will deliver to your business and define a plan that we will follow together. We’ve helped airlines reconfigure their brands for global competitiveness and industrial suppliers transform into ideas factories.

  • Research
  • Trend analysis
  • Insight
  • Brand positioning
  • Market reports
Transportation design


Innovation is fundamental to our company culture. It is the thread that runs through everything that we do. Our practiced methodologies focus our innovation to overturn established ways of thinking and create the designs that will define the future.

Our patented seating designs have transformed the way people fly and the fortunes of the companies that we helped to create them and our reimagining of our customers’ brands has helped them to engage with new generations of travellers.

  • Layout creation
  • Concept design
  • User experience
  • Materials and processes
  • Technology and digital
  • Aesthetic innovation
  • Patent creation
  • Parametric design
Colour, Material and Finish
Transportation design

Colour, Material and Finish

To connect customers to your brand in a way that will be memorable, distinctive and compelling, thoughtful use of colours, patterns, textures, materials and lighting is vital.

Careful curation of materials and finishes offers a diverse set of tangible benefits from ensuring that a design remains relevant throughout the product life-cycle to leveraging the benefits of colour psychology and providing an authentic link to the cultures that shape your identity.

Our materials team is one of the largest in the industry and draws on experience from transportation, interior design and consumer electronics. We will work with you and our extensive supplier network to develop beautiful and functional materials that will tell your story clearly and with passion.

  • Bespoke material design
  • Cultural and brand differentiation
  • Colour and lighting strategies
  • Pattern and texture design
  • Brief creation for material suppliers
  • Custom textile and print design
  • Photorealistic visualisation
  • Sampling and schedule optimisation
  • Material development to production
Transportation design


Ideate, synthesise, prototype, test, refine, repeat. Our designers will listen, help you give life to your ideas, rigorously test them against real world criteria and then re-evaluate and re-invent them until we have an optimised solution.

We are champions of your customer experience and we are adept at translating aspirations into the spaces and objects, details and materials that will deliver the promise of your brand. Whatever the output; the creativity and rational expertise that we bring to a project will drive a great result.

  • Form development
  • Engineering
  • Ergonomics
  • Lighting
  • Digital & physical prototyping
  • User interface design
  • Product optimisation
  • User testing
Transportation design


Working alongside your production team or taking full responsibility, JPA’s designers, engineers and technicians will translate our designs into the detailed production specifications needed to bring them to your customers.

We are expert in navigating the technical, commercial and schedule parameters that shape the delivery of a project and design from the outset with these factors in mind.

  • Detail design
  • Finite element analysis
  • Collaboration with engineering partners
  • Project management
  • Vendor liaison
  • Design guardianship
Transportation design


When you need to share your story with the world, or create an impression within your business, we can support at a strategic level and in preparing the physical and digital assets that will guarantee  real impact. Our CGI team create stunning still images and animations, as well as websites and VR content that deliver powerful viewer engagement. In the physical space, we have created fully finished mock-ups ranging from the smallest products to entire aircraft cabins and rail cars.

  • Product launch strategies
  • PR
  • Digital imagery and motion assets
  • VR and AR assets
  • Micro sites
  • Promotional models

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