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Best passenger comfort award for Singapore Airlines
APEX Awards Best Passenger Comfort Innovation: Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A350 Next-Gen Business Class
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APEX Awards Best Passenger Comfort Innovation: Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A350 Next-Gen Business Class

APEX Insight: Singapore Airlines took home the award for “Best Passenger Comfort Innovation” for its A350 Next-Gen Business Class at last night’s APEX Awards ceremony.

Developed in partnership with JPA Design, the Singapore Airline’s new business class was designed with comfort, user intuition and convenience in mind. At 28 inches, the seat width is 50 percent wider than most in its class. The recline has been increased from 125 degrees to 142, allowing multiple seating positions from upright to Lazy-Z to sundeck (feet up) to lie-flat bed, which folds out to 78 inches in length – nearly that of a standard double bed. Additionally, passengers will appreciate details like a padded headboard and a more spacious footwell.

The seat cushions, both ergonomic and stylish, are upholstered in aubergine and taupe leather, and topped with a throw pillow in a classic houndstooth pattern. The curved-winged exterior features a pearly champagne and silver shell. On board the A350-900s, the cabin configuration will be four-abreast, in a 1-2-1 setup to provide passengers with aisle access. In long-haul configuration, the cabin will fit 42 seats.

Convenience is built into the new business-class seat’s interior, which features a side console just above the armrest so passengers can easily reach their personal items whether sitting up or lying down. Also available are eXport, HDMI and USB ports for passengers to charge their electronic devices. Add the ambient flood lighting and the adjustable table and the seat transforms into a productive work environment.

For in-flight entertainment (IFE), there’s an HD 18-inch LCD screen with noise-canceling headphones. A separate touchscreen handset enables control of the KrisWorld IFE system.Other amenities include a personal vanity, an ottoman and cocktail trays.

Singapore Airlines’ Next-Generation Business Class is on board its A350-900 and B777-300ER aircraft. As of March, flights with the new business-class seat were tested regionally, but the aircraft is expected to fly long-haul routes, with Singapore to Amasterdam and Düsseldorf scheduled to be the first destinations.

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