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Beyond the seat
JPA Design focuses on the entire passenger journey and treats all touch points with the same attention to detail, from lounge to lavatory, offering truly holistic cabin solutions.
Lounges & social spaces

Whether it is to enjoy a drink together or simply stretch the legs, particularly on longer flights, social spaces can make the difference between aching joints and a unique experience above the clouds.

JPA have extensive experience in creating such spaces for the worlds most influential airlines, and across a range of aircraft types.

Cabin spaces

The design of a new cabin interior provides an opportunity to create step change improvements to the passenger experience that have a lasting impact and will bring benefits to a multitude of airline brands.

We work to create an identity which is clear and compelling, but still flexible enough to enable the airlines to differentiate. With form, light and fine materials, we create adaptive spaces that can change to suit brands, flight phases or even particular routes.

Cabin furniture

Partitions and signage present big opportunities to express the identity of an airline or individual service class. In this example for Hawaiian Airlines we created a sophisticated wall light inspired by the rugged profiles of the volcanic islands. This iconic feature was echoed more subtly across across the cabin with a variety of elements providing authentic references to the amazing culture of Hawaii. 

Even the smallest opportunities for innovation can help bring a brand to life.
Fresh thinking in small spaces
Radical new concepts

Design has a vital role to play in creating the highest levels of passenger experience in all of the spaces within the aircraft. Attention to detail, selection of high quality materials and a sensitivity to the practical requirements placed on a lavatories and changing rooms can make these spaces restful, refreshing and functionally refined.

Shown here are images from a conceptual lavatory study focussing on releasing space and promoting hygiene. Around one in ten passengers are significantly effected by concerns around hygeine and find aircraft lavatories stressful environments.

Active cleaning greatly reduces the possibility of impact on the passengers' health and the design gently reminds passengers that this unique measure has been employed for their benefit. Also, by having the lavatory hidden until it is required, more space and cleanliness, actual and perceived, is delivered to every passenger.

Elegant functionality

In a different lavatory project, we focussed on neat logical forms which would be intuitive for all users. Access for less mobile passengers is a key factor in the design of these spaces. Mock-ups and real world testing ensure everyone can use the spaces we design with dignity.

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