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Changi T4 FAST System
Developed in partnership with JPA Design, Changi Airport’s new fast and seamless travel (FAST) systems make the journey quick, comfortable and secure.
Changi Airport Group (CAG)
Analysing and optimising self service

As one of the worlds most innovative airports, Changi is continuously reviewing and improving it’s spaces and systems. Opening as part of the new T4 experience this is the first airport to offer self service from end-to-end.

JPA were asked to focus on optimising the customer journey to better understand the the passenger’s macro and micro interactions throughout the check-in to boarding process. We worked with CAG to define an exhaustive package of aesthetic, functional and ergonomic refinements of the stations to help create a beautifully efficient and intuitive system from check-in through to bag drop, immigration and on to the boarding gates.

User focused design to enable a step change in performance.

Changi's T4 is half the size of T3 however it is expected to handle about two-thirds of the passenger traffic that T3 can accomodate.

This increase in handling capacity was made possible with the extensive use of technology throughout the development. Critical in achieving this were the automated systems and other passenger services that JPA helped to develop.

As a result of these systems, both the space and manpower, required to maintain the efficient operational status of the terminal, has been dramatically reduced.

Collaborative Design Process

Collaborating with Changi Airport Group, it’s product partners, agents and consumer groups, JPA were able to leverage our experience across the passenger journey to identify and alleviate pressure points in the traditional automated systems to create the best possible solution for Changi T4.

Numerous prototypes were created throughout the process with JPA providing design recommendations and consultation on the look and feel of the units, the ergonomics of use, the colours, configurations and the graphical user interfaces.

Tim Manson
Design Director Transport, JPA Design
In conjunction with Changi, every step of the process has been deeply considered. Studying passenger’s reactions to both the physical and digital designs, we focused on optimising interactions, reducing decisions and refining ergonomics. The goal was to guide passengers through the terminal at a sufficiently fast pace in the most efficient, reliable and intuitive way possible.
Sim Kim Chui
Product Innovation Director, JPA Design
We bring into this project many years of experience working with premium brands in the air travel and hospitality sectors. Our focus has always been on innovation to create a unique and enjoyable customer experience and this is what we have done here for the passengers using the self-service options.
In our experience it’s the little details which can make the difference in the passenger experience, and which will ensure Fast and Seamless Travel for all the Changi T4 customers.
Photo credits: CAG

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