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A cool Nordic look for Finnair’s A350 cabins is designed to bring the passenger closer to the airline and provide a more comfortable and engaging travel experience.
  • Project launched in 2017
  • Dress cover, fabric and structural development
Partnering to deliver excellence

As the Best Airline in Northern Europe by Skytrax for eight consecutive years, Finnair is continuously evaluating and improving its cabins and services. As part of its efforts to deliver a best-in-class service, Finnair engaged JPA to work on a mid-life refresh for their Business class cabin for their long haul aircraft. The new cabins will roll out across 2018 and will feature crafted fabrics and bespoke dress covers.

A holistic vision requires a comprehensive team effort

To achieve Finnair’s vision to refresh the cabin, JPA collaborated with the Finnair teams to ensure that the cabins are delivering a best in class experience and that the seat fabrics complement the Marimekko soft items, amenity kits and chinaware. Fabric structures, colour palettes and stitch details have been meticulously considered throughout the process to ensure that the new look is contemporary and in tune with Finnair’s design philosophy. 

Working closely with multiple vendors across weaving and manufacturing, Finnair benefitted from JPA’s experience to streamline their process and create the best possible product within a short time frame. An extensive range of samples were created throughout the process, with JPA providing design recommendations and consultation on the look-and-feel, colours, material types, durability, weight and performance of the new designs. 

Creating a signature material for business class

We started with the belief that by combining the honesty of natural materials with the compelling aspects of the region, new and unique product could be carefully crafted to sit within the existing colour palettes.

Drawing inspiration from the Finnish landscapes, the colours and the unique play of light, we developed an honest, Nordic, nature inspired concept that encapsulated clean colours, fine textures and a touch of warmth.

Our design team developed a fabric based on our concept creating a strong sense of tactility and a surface quality that captures the light in different ways. We have identified weave structures and qualities with the desired aesthetic, performance and weight values, and briefed a range of sampling exploring colour and yarn combinations. Our team’s extensive knowledge allowed us to fine tune the yarn shades and structures to create Finnair’s textiles. We identified a wool crepe like aesthetic as the best fabric structure for Finnair’s business class, due to its subtly textured surface that created a soft feel for the seat at a macro level while the twisted fibres reveal colours inspired by the Finland’s landscape at a micro level. 

The ambition for the dress cover was to create a design that has a domestic appearance whilst delivering on performance. A high degree of attention was given to the stitch lines, to reinforce the quality of the seat and provide a better performance during maintenance.

Annette O'Toole
Senior Design Consultant, Materials,Trend and Brand
Through strategic sampling we aimed to explore and find those unexpected combinations, those moments of delight that begin to form the basis of a beautiful textile.
Wool has been consciously selected for the business fabric due to its many natural advantages. Wool is a naturally flame retardant, naturally dirt-resistant and is capable of withstanding a high degree of abrasion.
Marius Ciorogar
Throughout the project we focused on refining the visual and tactile experiences, paying particular attention to the simplification of details to elevate the quality of the experience.
Photo credits: Finnair and Rohi

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