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Hawaiian Airlines A321NEO
Bringing the story of Hawaii to life to drive new expectations for leisure travel.
Hawaiian Airlines
  • Project launched in 2017
  • Three class aircraft with innovative layout
  • Unrivalled levels of customisation and attention to detail
  • Lighting schemes that sample the true colours of Hawaii
Raising expectations for leisure travel

Hawaiian Airlines and JPA Design joined forces to showcase Hawaiian hospitality and to define a new style of passenger experience that was carefully tailored to Hawaiian’s unique ‘Premium Leisure’ market positioning.

JPA were inspired by the design approaches that characterise the best of private aviation. Working with a space that is smaller, but with an expectation of a luxurious interior and an authentic connection to the culture, aesthetics and traditions of Hawaii.

Elevating the boarding experience

Hawaiian were keen to create a truly distinctive space, so we created bespoke partitions and light features which give the entrance area a relaxing and sophisticated ambience.

This thoughtful design provides privacy for the First Class passengers and creates a generous space for Hawaiian’s crew to greet the guests upon boarding.

The curtain is inspired by the fishing nets and lines of the islands, connecting the passenger with the rich culture of the Hawaiian archipelago.
Boutique First Class experience

The dark laminate on the bulkhead seems to be a geometric pattern, but on closer inspection, the passenger sees an abstract seascape of islands rising from the ocean.

The bespoke light feature and stitch details on the seats are inspired by the waves of the ocean and link this cabin to other premium elements of the Hawaiian fleet.

Culturally rich spaces

The fabrics selected for the Economy and Extra Comfort class seats with their triangular motifs are inspired by the designs seen on indigenous textiles from the region. The stitch lines on the seat and the leather panels provide some continuity with the First Class designs.

Considered touches, such as the textured leathers on the backs of the headrests, noticed only when the passengers reach back to raise them, have been introduced to create series of memorable highlights throughout the journey.

The fabrics used throughout Economy and Extra Comfort classes were inspired by the crafts of Hawaii, while the wall laminates in the lavatories reference the islands’ forests and abundant foliage.
It’s all about the details

The difference between a journey, and a memorable journey, is often down to the little details that surprise and delight.

Whilst many of these details can be found in and around the seats and personal spaces, JPA wanted to continue these throughout the cabin to enrich the whole passenger experience.

Customised signage for the toilets references the iconic Hawaiian floral prints and a bespoke lighting sequence translates the colours of a Hawaiian sun-rise and sun-set. Small things perhaps, but details that define unique shared experiences for all of the passengers.

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