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Optimares - new Quadra
The new Quadra seat is a collaboration between Optimares and JPA Design that brings new life to this innovative range of seating products. Our teams worked hand in hand to reduce weight, refine the unique kinematic and further enhance passenger comfort.
Legroom that increases as the passenger in front reclines.

JPA worked to refine Optimares' proprietary Quadra kinematic which uniquely doesn't impact personal space when the passenger in front reclines their seat. Redundant space was reclaimed between the moving seat cushions and the static backrest by creating a literature pocket that moved forwards as the seat reclined. The result is that as the passenger in front reclines, your legroom increases afffording an unusual and unexpected bonus.

Other features have been added such as Optimares' patented asymmetrical winged headrest, substantially improving comfort. A front mounted amenity pocket allows extra storage space for the passengers' personal devices. A large cocktail tray provides space to place drinks or personal effects without having to unfold the meal table. A seatback reading light as well as AC and USB sockets support entertainment and productivity throughout the flight.

Alessandro Braca
CEO Optimares
JPA quickly understood the unique qualities of the product, and created a series of elegant design solutions alongside our team. The improved design formed the basis of Qatar Airways' new Economy Class product, marking a significant milestone in Optimares growth as a leading seat supplier. JPA’s creativity and technical skill were a big contributor to this success.
Innovative weight reduction

Due to Quadra’s sophisticated recline mechanism, maintaining a competitive weight presented a challenge. The additional comfort gained however, demanded a solution. To address this, JPA reimagined much of the metallic structure to be replaced by lightweight carbon fibre composites. The unique backrest design unifies the structure, recline mechanism and the visually appealing, passenger-facing surface into a single elegant component.

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