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Sheremetyevo VIP Moscow Lounge
Flowing, dynamic spaces with a distinctly Moscow accent
Sheremetyevo VIP
  • Capacity 260 visitors
  • Area 1200 sqm
  • Spread over two levels
  • Varied lounge seating choices on each level
  • Buffet & dedicated Dining Area on each level
  • Bar
  • Work Zone
  • Quiet seating zone
  • Kids' Play Room
  • Sleeping Rooms
  • Gymnasium
  • Smoking Room
  • Sauna
A unique character which gradually unveils itself to visitors as they journey through the lounge and spend time there

The 1200 sqm “Moscow Lounge” at Sheremetyevo International Airport accommodates over 260 visitors and is branded under the Aeroflot banner. The lounge is spread over two floors with each containing a full range of lounge seating, food and beverage and washroom facilities while a gym, bar, private sleeping rooms, meeting rooms and quiet seating areas are included on the upper level.

Although the lounge is contemporary and international in character the design has been interlaced with abstract references to the culture, architecture, history and flavour of the city of Moscow after which the lounge is named.

Continuous, curving walls help visitors navigate through the lounge

The key physical architectural elements are the two main, continuous, curving side walls which greet the visitors at the arrival points and continue to the far end of each floor, taking on different functions and acting as portals to the various facilities to which they lead. They help visitors to navigate their journeys around the lounge and to expose them to the full range of facilities.

On one side the wall is an abstract, modern interpretation of the horizontal stucco coursing found on the facades of some of Moscow’s fine neo-classical buildings while its flowing lines take inspiration from the elegant movements of ballet dancers.

Because many areas of the lounge do not have direct access to windows or daylight, the other curving feature wall opposite is designed to visually expand the space by creating the impression of glazing through a curving screen of horizontal timber slats sitting in front of a mirrored backdrop. Leather and twisted felt faced wall panels are used as cladding to quieter zones.

Custom-designed pattern subtly refers to the Russian onion dome tradition

Lounge area floors areas are carpeted either in a stylish plain mid grey colour or, where it is felt to be appropriate, in a custom-designed pattern which subtly refers to the outline of a typical Russian onion dome. The main hard floor comprises large format square porcelain tiles with contrasting coloured borders around each tile, a device which mimics certain patterns found on the lavish decorations of St Basil’s Cathedral’s domes.

The layout of these domes is also referred to in the layout of the circular lighting features above the main dining area on the lower level. The internal surfaces of these features are finished in gold which refers to the famous domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and the opulent interiors of the Moscow Metro stations while the elliptical, profiled ceiling feature above the central lounge area on the lower floor and the fan shaped ceiling feature above the main lounge area on the upper floor draw inspiration from the same source.

Range of seat types and arrangements provide visitors with choice

The dining and lounge free-standing seats have been chosen for their comfort and the elegance and simplicity of their lines so that they visually align with the interior architecture. The wide range of seat types and arrangements provide  visitors with choice to best match their specific needs at the time.

Custom-designed fixed side tables in the main lounge areas help to maintain orderly furniture settings and provide power and data points for all visitors using the adjacent seats. High level communal tables and stools are included for visitors who may want to work, read or snack and are happy to be part of a group. By contrast partly enclosed work seats and reclined loungers are provided for those who prefer more private, quieter surroundings.

Informal, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that gradually unveils its connection to the city

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